Demand in Power Battery Market Recovered Palpably in June, and the Combined Output of Cathode Active
Time:2022-07-12 Source:SMM View:1824

SHANGHAI, July 12 (SMM) – On the supply side, the total output of CAMs (cathode active materials) increased palpably in June.  As the impact of the current pandemic outbreak has gradually subsided, the demand in the terminals has recovered significantly. The supply chain as well as the production and sales of CAM manufacturers that were previously affected by the pandemic have also returned to normal. The output of the four major CAM varieties, except for LCO, all recorded a MoM growth of more than 10% in June. Among them, the new LFP capacities were released in a concentrated manner, and the production increased quickly. NMC and LMO materials production also recovered, and the operating rates rose significantly. It is expected that the overall supply of cathode active materials will continue to rise sharply in July.

On the demand side, the demand for all varieties of CAMs has been rising. The domestic pandemic situation improved in June, and large-scale COVID lockdowns in places like the Yangtze River Delta were also lifted. Downstream battery cell factories and car companies have resumed work and production, and the operating rates rose steadily, generating more demand for upstream materials. From the perspective of downstream segments, some battery cell factories had lower raw material stocks as they de-stocked amid the previous pandemic outbreak, and posted great demand for NMC and LFP materials after they returned to full production following the removal of COVID lockdown. The e-bike and electronics segments were generally stable with slow recovery. However, the strong recovery in the power battery market has greatly pushed the overall demand for CAMs.